“YES” Measure 101 – Protect Health Care for all Oregonians

Hello fellow CD2 Neighbors. As I was recently driving home from a holiday visit with my kids and grandkids, I drove past numerous anti-measure 101 signs on properties of folks who were obviously struggling economically. I could not help but wonder why these people would be so much against something that is so much for their benefit. Yes it is a 1.5% tax on various medical premiums and service, that was originally passed in 2003 with support from BOTH Republicans AND Democrats. The funding in turn then provided medical coverage for most of these same people that now have anti measure 101 signs on their property. I could only think that in 2003 the Republicans had not gone completely right wing crazy and now they have. I can not help but wonder what it will take for those people who have been left behind in the new economy to open their eyes and minds and say hey, we are getting really hosed here. The recent horrendous tax bill has as Trump was quoted as saying, made rich people even richer. And for once he was telling the truth. The stock market, which is where wealthy people invest their money is up 6% in just one month. The long term annual return of the NYSE is 6% annually and it did this in just one month because of the tax bill. So what happens if measure 101 fails in Oregon? Insurance companies, medical suppliers, etc. will all make more money and many of those people with anti measure 101 signs in the yard will lose their medical coverage and continue to fall further and further into poverty. I just want to scream. Stop the madness. If measure 101 fails, the projected loss of state revenue is nearly $700 million with a projected loss of federal matching funds of $1.9 billion. That puts at risk the health insurance of 350,000 Oregonians, starting with most of those folks with the signs in the yard. So I am going to vote to pay my fair share to care for those people who need me to do so, despite their ridiculous signs. And I ask all of those with a heart and a conscious, to do the same.

And if you are wondering where Waldo is on this issue…let me assure you….he will cast the first no vote for the measure…..

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