Animal Welfare


Greg Walden received a “ZERO” (HOW DOES SOMEBODY NOT GET ANYTHING RIGHT) out of a possible 100 rating from the Humane Society Legislative Fund. That score is much worse than a failing grade. It is an “I don’t care” grade. The HSLF organization tracks legislators’ support and voting record on animal welfare and protection legislation in both the House and the Senate. Here are some the recent anti-animal positions Walden has taken:

  • Walden supports prohibiting the Fish and Wildlife Service from issuing a final rule on the importation of ivory from illegally poached endangered elephants.*
  • Walden supports allowing the use of previously banned lead ammunition in national parks and federal wild life refuges. This reversal will once again negatively impact wildlife, habitat and people.*
  • Walden supports permitting the use of cruel steel-jawed leg hold traps on millions of acres of public lands adversely affecting wildlife, pets, and hikers.*
  • Walden supports prohibiting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from protecting Alaskan native carnivores from egregiously cruel hunting methods on national wildlife refuges and national preserves. Hunters would be allowed to kill hibernating black bear mothers and cubs; shoot wolf or coyote mothers and pups at den sites; use airplanes to scout grizzly bears and then shoot them; and trap bears with steel jawed leghold traps or snares.*
  • Walden would require the Department of Interior to stop making science-based decisions for species such as gray wolves, sage grouse and lesser prairie chickens.**
  • Walden would permit the importation of polar bear trophies killed in Canada between 2006, when the Fish and Wildlife Service proposed listing them as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, and 2008, when they were officially listed. This could encourage trophy hunters to kill imperiled species and then store them for later importation.*

*SHARE Act H.R. 2406
**House Interior Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2017 H.R. 5538
This information was compiled from the Humane Scorecard issued by the Humane Society Legislative Fund.