Hello, my name is Tim White and I am running as a Democrat for the 2nd Congressional seat of Oregon in 2018. I live in Bend but originally hail from Indianapolis, Indiana where I attended Indiana University, earning a degree in Business Economics in 1977, and an MBA in 1980. Christine and I have been married for 25 years. Together, we have three beautiful daughters, Tristana, Vanessa, and Katie, and five wonderful grandchildren.

Tim White and Family

After college, I went to work for Chrysler Corporation in Detroit where I began my career as a finance trainee, eventually making it to the level of Division Chief Financial Officer. Chrysler was the perennial little guy in Detroit, brushing with bankruptcy and several owners over the many years I was there. As a result, one had to learn to be adaptive and flexible to remain competitive with our larger rivals, GM, Ford, and Toyota. Every time the press reported we were finished, which was many times over the years, we always managed to prove them wrong by rolling up our sleeves, working harder and believing in ourselves. As a result, I learned several things during my tenure that will help me serve the people of the 2nd congressional district. First, there is always a solution to any problem, you just have to find it. Second, you do not achieve anything unless you set goals to get there, and work hard to make them happen. And third, believe in yourself, your own ability, and the ability of others and you will be amazed at what can be accomplished.

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Now that the Republican Party has gone full tilt right, their platform firmly puts party before country. Their agenda is open warfare on the middle class of America in support of the wealthy few, where 10% of the population now owns 76% of the wealth. But that does not seem to be enough, as they are using every tool at their disposal to increase this disparity in wealth. Jobs have been shipped overseas in volume and the remaining jobs have seen no wage growth. Minimum wage is 65% of what it was in 1965 dollars. The EPA created 47 year ago to ensure a clean environment is under attack so companies can once again use the earth as a dumping ground. They blame unemployment on illegal immigrants and are creating deportation policies to punish these people even though it was corporate agriculture in the central California valley, corporate food packaging companies throughout the Midwest, and national hotel chains that were primarily responsible for attracting illegals to America for the low wages and no benefits they could force on them. Defense spending is through the roof with 65% of the budget going to 100 companies while veterans are left to wait for promised services from ill prepared facilities. Drug addiction from legally sold pain pills is killing 64,000 US citizens a year. Education budgets for public schools and colleges have been continually slashed, providing little real job training and leaving college students with $1.4 trillion of student debt. Tax policy continues to favor the rich with billionaires paying as little as 15% federal income taxes and corporations paying as little as 20% after allowances for deductions and credits, all the while clamoring about the unfairness of it all. Then there is health care, the most expensive in the world with terrible results where US life expectancy now ranks 31st in the world, less than many third world countries.

We can do better than this. We have done better than this. The challenges for the district, of which there are many, are typical of what is happening all across America. Greg Walden has done nothing to help this district during his time in office. He occasionally votes for something that is no more than doing what Congress gets paid to do, such as continuing funding for the 1974 Safe Water Drinking Act, then talks as though he just saved the world. The reality is he is funded by corporate America, for the benefit of corporate America, and no one else. I vow my full attention will be CD2, fighting for affordable health care, economic improvement, personal safety, educational opportunity and a clean environment for all.

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