Meet Tim White


After spending his childhood in Indianapolis, Indiana, Tim started his advanced education at age 17 attending Indiana University. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with a concentration in urban planning and development. His focus was on infrastructure, housing, logistics, education, and the economic impact of segregation. After he received his undergraduate degree, he pursued and received a Masters of Business Administration from Indiana University, where his major was Finance, with an emphasis on capital investment and development.

Tim White and Family

Following the completion of his education, he was offered a position with the Chrysler Corporation in Detroit. Initially, he was hired as a finance trainee and rose through the ranks over his 30-year career to Chief Financial Officer of a $700 million manufacturing joint venture between Chrysler, Mitsubishi North America and Hyundai Motors.

During his career, Tim was known as a person who brought a unique perspective to challenging situations. He was considered an outstanding problem solver with an ability to work closely with operations management. In one position, he was successful in reversing a financially struggling $200 million dollar tool and die division that was losing two to three million dollars monthly, to a break-even point in just a 12-month period. This required a close working relationship with operation leaders as well as union representatives. He believed in working closely with the UAW in order to gain their cooperation so he could achieve his goal of profitability for the division. It was during his tenure at this division, that he helped the UAW build its National Training Center in Detroit.

After he was promoted to DaimlerChrysler de Venezuela as Chief Financial Officer, he took another money-losing $400 million subsidiary to profitability within 15 months. The subsidiary had incurred losses over several previous years. This success came in an environment of political instability in the country and harsh economic times with complex currency policies.

Tim’s extensive experience with Chrysler has included conducting business in China, Japan, South Korea, and Western Europe. Through the course of his career he worked closely with personnel from the fields of Design, Engineering, Sales, and Marketing. His unique ability to understand the issues of other fields and cultures, and to work together to create successful outcomes made him a valuable asset to the company.

Tim took advantage of his experience as a turn-around specialist to write a book, The 60 Minute ABC Book, Activity Based Costing for Operations Management. The book focused on how to eliminate waste and inefficiencies within organizations. It was published by The Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing International (CAMI) of North Dallas. In recognition of his distinguished contribution in advancing the field of cost management, he received the Robert A. Bonsack award. It gave him great satisfaction when he heard that his book was being utilized by a number of university professors to teach Activity-Based Costing to students.

Tim White Hiking

Providing a clean environment for future generations has always been a passion for Tim, an avid hiker and cross country skier. While working as the CFO of the Global Engine Manufacturing division, where they produced over 500,000 engines yearly, Tim took a very active role in recycling efforts, achieving a 2% to landfill waste status. Earlier in his career in the Procurement Division, he eliminated 95% of cardboard delivery of parts, using returnable containers instead. This effort eliminated 2,500 tons of daily cardboard disposal from each of 12 vehicle assembly facilities.

Tim is a lifelong advocate for community service. As vice-chair of his church in Michigan, he taught Sunday Bible studies to junior high students. As a volunteer with Junior Achievement, he taught introductory economics to junior high students in Detroit. Tim has volunteered and financially supported numerous environmental and animal welfare organizations. Over the years he has helped elect pro-environment candidates. In 2016 he was instrumental in passage of Measure 100 in Oregon, which prohibited the trafficking in parts of endangered species, such as elephant ivory.

Campaign Platform Views from Tim

Now that the Republican Party has gone full tilt right, their platform firmly puts party before country. They have framed their message to keep the country divided and conquered. Their conversation is always focused on the most divisive of issues including guns, abortion and illegal immigrants. They distort the facts of these issues to keep the base riled and angry. The reality is completely different from their talking points but nobody it seems is capable of countering their propaganda. Gun Reality: Democrats hunt, they own hand guns for personal protection, and they support the 2nd amendment. 90% of Americans want background checks. As Democrats only make up 40% of the population that means the other 50% must come from Republicans and Independents. Republican Gun Propaganda: they are coming to take your guns. End of story. Abortion Reality: Democrats don’t like abortion any
more than Republicans and would prefer there were less abortions because of the physical and mental toll it takes on women who have abortions. Democrats would prefer all women have access to affordable birth control to prevent unwanted or untimely pregnancies. That is 98% of Planned Parenthood’s budget. Republican Abortion Propaganda: Have you seen the posters at their rallies with pictures of full term babies chopped up? That is not only untrue, it is blatantly stupid. But boy does it make for an ugly picture (lie) of the story. Illegal Immigrants Reality: This group consists of 11 million out of a total U.S. population of 300 million. 10 million of these folks are employed, and they work primarily in crop picking, food processing and hotel and domestic services. Despite the fact that farm jobs in California’s central valley are mostly all paying several dollars above minimum wage, Americans simply don’t want the work. As a result, nine out of ten are foreign born, and 50% are undocumented. Farmers are literally digging up crops and closing shop due to the unavailability of workers to harvest crops. Republican Immigration Propaganda: These illegals are taking American jobs. Most of them, in the words of Trump, are “thugs and bad hombres.”

Democrats and Republicans need to simply agree there are some issues on which we are never going to see eye to eye. So let us agree to disagree and move on to those issues that we do agree on and recognize we need to fix. I have a vision I call the “CORE VALUES” of my campaign.

Core Value 1: Employment and Economic Opportunity

Most counties in the 2nd district have less employment now than before the great recession. While the rest of the state has recovered and is moving on, the 2nd district with a few bright spots has continued to struggle. Why? Well, to start with, I cannot think of a single thing Walden has done in the last many years to help. What I propose first is bold improvement in road infrastructure. A new north/south highway or interstate from I5 near Ashland, northeast to Harney, then due north all the way to I84. Then a second east/west connector from I84 near Ontario westward through the Cascades to I5. Opening up the district in this manner will allow us to reach out to companies to relocate to the district based on available inexpensive land and suitable highway infrastructure. This plan would then support the development of vast solar farms to provide the required energy for the companies and to eventually wean Oregon off fossil fuel-based power. And similar to Alaska’s oil revenue sharing, counties which support the development of solar farms, would share in a portion of the revenue generated from the sale of energy from these farms.

Core Value 2: Inequality of Income and Wealth

It is difficult to grasp that 10% of the population now owns 76% of the wealth of the country, leaving the remaining 270 million people to fight for the scraps thrown from the dinner table. No wonder Republicans keep your attention on guns, abortion and immigrants. If the 270 million people ever stopped and considered this unfair distribution, there might be serious chaos. My solution to this is based primarily on tax policy to reverse this obscene aristocracy. Corporate tax rates should remain at 35%. The reality is most corporations average only 20% tax rate after credits and deductions. They use our roads, electrical grids, hospitals, first responders, natural resources, public school-educated work force, and our environment for waste disposal. They should adequately compensate us for this privilege. Individual taxes should be paid on what I call “all income created equal”. No more special tax rates for dividends and capital gains, the source of most great wealth. To paraphrase Warren Buffet, “my secretary should not pay a higher percentage than a multi-billionaire.”

Core Value 3: Affordable Health Care

The ACA was a great first step in making health care affordable through the Medicaid subsidies and expanding its availability by eliminating pre-existing condition exclusions. As the Republicans were not able to overtly repeal the ACA, they are slowly strangling it to death by eliminating the subsidies to insurance companies knowing full well this will drive up the insurance premiums. They have framed the message as though they were stopping undeserved payments to big insurance companies. Hooray for them. When 160,000 people in the 2nd district who obtained insurance coverage through the ACA lose their insurance, you can call Walden’s office. But remember, he came home and told all of you none of this would happen. And by the way, for 50% of the population who thinks Obamacare and the ACA are two different things, you are in for a rude

The root cause of the health care crisis is its costs. At $10,000 per person per year, health care in the U.S. is 2½ times as costly as all other developed countries. And for this inflated cost, our life expectancy now ranks 31st in the world according to the World Health Organization. If there was a single element to this crisis, we could just take a pill and be cured. Pun intended. However it is a confluence of things. Pharmaceuticals, which account for roughly 20% of the total, are the highest priced in the world because most all developed countries control prices. But Republicans are good at promoting that the old competitive market place will cure all. That is why drugs for cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, breast cancer, and leukemia, just to name a few, are two to ten times higher in the U.S. then the rest of the developed world. Then there are managerial costs. Bloomberg News reported that in 2016 the highest paid management salary was health care. They were paid more than banks, telecoms, industrials, and retail. As health care overhead accounts for 33% of the total, there just might be some opportunity here.

Core Value 4: Protect the Environment

The EPA was formed in 1974, by a Republican president no less, and since then we have seen incredible improvements in our air, water and soil. A clean environment is something universally acclaimed by all Oregonians. Nobody wants to see that change, regardless of which party you vote for. The EPA needs to be funded and supported by all. Could they work better with business and communities? Most likely yes. But working together is what we need to insist upon. Not dismantling the first line of defense.