Oregon Central and Eastern Highway – The Road to the Future

Fellow Oregon 2nd District Neighbors

My research of the 2nd district lead me to the conclusion that we very much need an interstate through the district from I5 near Ashland over to Klamath Falls, then north using Highway 97 as the roadbed, all the way to I84 on the gorge. This position was based on my own experience of driving through the district and my knowledge of what it will take to bring back the manufacturing base that we have lost. Over the recent holidays I had an interesting conversation with a gentleman who grew up near Medford, where his parents had farmed for a long time. When I brought up the idea of the interstate, he told me the original plan for I5 was nearly the same as what I was proposing. He told me to do a little more research, which I did.

I discovered courtesy of the Oregon Historical Society that back in the 1950’s, when I5 was being planned, the original plans called for a route to parallel US 97 through central Oregon. However, pressure from southern Oregon political interests forced the planners to change the route, and instead, run parallel to U.S. 99, through the Rogue Valley. As a result, primary economic development in the state all took place on the west side of the Cascades from Ashland / Medford to Portland, while central and eastern Oregon remained a very rural and undeveloped area. The society report explained how Oregon had long been a leader in road construction, and the state’s response to the 1956 Federal-Aid Highway Act was complicated by work the state had already undertaken to improve its roads. Even before World War II, Oregon’s roads—particularly U.S. 99, known as the Pacific Highway—were in poor condition, and Oregon State Highway Department (OSHD) planners urged major upgrades to the system.

So it seems the short changing of the 2nd district has been going on for a very long time. It is time we tell the state and the federal government, it is our turn for economic development. As your congressman, that is exactly what I plan to do. Please help me with this huge task. Support me in the May 15 primary and then the November general election. For 20 years your current congressman has either chosen not to help you, or does not know how. Either way, it is time for a change. It is time for someone who will fight for the 2nd district rather than use it for personal career development.

Tim White

A fighter for the 2nd district of Oregon

Walden Why Don’t You Protect Our Veterans Rather Than Grandstand at Their Expense

Yesterday I read another story from Walden about all the great things he is doing to help our veterans. Then I read the headline story in USA Today that said for the last 15 years the VA has had a policy of hiring doctors and health care staff that had their licenses revoked in one state but managed to get a license in another state. The VA issued a national guideline in 2002 giving hospitals discretion to hire clinicians after “prior consideration of all relevant facts surrounding” any revocation as long as they still had a license in another state. This issuance was given even though a federal law passed in 1999 bars the VA from employing any health care worker whose license has been revoked by any state. Is your head spinning yet?

The VA in Iowa City hired a neurosurgeon, John Schneider, who revealed in his application that he had numerous malpractice claims and settlements and Wyoming had revoked his license. USA Today reported malpractice claims against Schneider included cases alleging he made surgical mistakes that left patients maimed, paralyzed or dead. Not surprisingly his VA patients in Iowa suffered complications. One patient, Richard Hopkins, died from an infection after four brain surgeries by Schneider in a span of four weeks. Of course Schneider denied responsibility blaming other providers for the poor outcomes.

There were other reported hiring snafus. A VA hospital in Oklahoma hired a psychiatrist sanctioned for sexual misconduct who then slept with a VA patient. The VA in Toma, Wisconsin hired a psychiatrist  disciplined for medication violations who then over prescribed narcotics to veterans. A Louisiana VA clinic hired a psychologist with felony convictions. They did fire him after determining he was a “direct threat to others”. Whatever that means.

Of course when this story broke a number of our elected officials were “appalled” and sent letters “expressing concern”. When I read these stories and hear the lame responses from our elected officials, I want to puke. Then there is old Greg Walden coming back to Oregon and quoting the bills he supports to reduce patient wait times, increase the number of workers and save the day. Running an organization is not that difficult if you actually have any experience doing it. Unfortunately when you have spent your entire career at the taxpayer trough, you have no idea how to actually do anything other than issue letters expressing “deep concern”. Our veterans deserve better. They deserve somebody who will actually fix the damn system rather than grandstand their expense.

Tim White

A Fighter for the 2nd District of Oregon

Republican Tax Cuts – The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

There are some really smart people on the planet with a good heart and a brilliant mind. Robert Reich is one of them. Walden is not. Take a read to see what Trump’s tax cuts really mean for the hard working people of the 2nd district. And I don’t give a damn which political party you support. This reprint is for all of us in the district.

Tim White

One Tough Democrat for the 2nd District of Oregon.

ROBERT B. REICH is Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and Senior Fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Economies. He served as Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration, for which Time Magazine named him one of the ten most effective cabinet secretaries of the twentieth century. He has written fourteen books, including the best sellers “Aftershock”, “The Work of Nations,” and”Beyond Outrage,” and, his most recent, “Saving Capitalism.” He is also a founding editor of the American Prospect magazine, chairman of Common Cause, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and co-creator of the award

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Here are the 3 main Republican arguments in favor of the Republican tax plan, followed by the truth.

  1. It will make American corporations competitive with foreign corporations, which are taxed at a lower rate.


(1) American corporations now pay an effective rate (after taking deductions and tax credits) that’s just about the same as most foreign based corporations pay.

(2) Most of these other countries also impose a “Value Added Tax” on top of the corporate tax.

(3) When we cut our corporate rate from 35% to 20%, other nations will cut their corporate rates in order to be competitive with us – so we gain nothing anyway.

(4) Most big American corporations who benefit most from the Republican tax plan aren’t even “American.” Over 35 percent of their shareholders are foreign (which means that by cutting corporate taxes we’re giving a big tax cut to those foreign shareholders). 20 percent of their employees are foreign, while many Americans work for foreign-based corporations.

(5) The “competitiveness” of America depends on American workers, not on “American” corporations. But this tax plan will make it harder to finance public investments in education, health, and infrastructure, on which the future competitiveness of American workers depends.

(6) American corporations already have more money than they know what to do with. Their profits are at record levels. They’re using them to buy back their shares of stock, and raise executive pay. That’s what they’ll do with the additional $1 trillion they’ll receive in this tax cut.


  1. With the tax cut, big corporations and the rich will invest and create more jobs.


(1) Job creation doesn’t trickle down. After Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush cut taxes on the top, few jobs and little growth resulted. America cut taxes on corporations in 2004 in an attempt to get them to bring their profits home from abroad, and what happened? They didn’t invest. They just bought up more shares of their own stock, and increased executive pay.

(2) Companies expand and create jobs when there’s more demand for their goods and services. That demand comes from customers who have the money to buy what companies sell. Those customers are primarily the middle class and poor, who spend far more of their incomes than the rich. But this tax bill mostly benefits the rich.

(3) At a time when the richest 1 percent already have 40 percent of all the wealth in the country, it’s immoral to give them even more – especially when financed partly by 13 million low-income Americans who will lose their health coverage as a result of this tax plan (according to the Congressional Budget Office), and by subsequent cuts in safety-net programs necessitated by increasing the deficit by $1.5 trillion.


  1. It will give small businesses an incentive to invest and create more jobs.


(1) At least 85 percent of small businesses earn so little they already pay the lowest corporate tax rate, which this plan doesn’t change.

(2) In fact, because the tax plan bestows much larger rewards on big businesses, they’ll have more ability to use predatory tactics to squeeze small firms and force them out of business.


Don’t let your Uncle Bob be fooled: Republicans are voting for this because their wealthy patrons demand it. Their tax plan will weaken our economy for years – reducing demand, widening inequality, and increasing the national debt by at least $1.5 trillion over the next decade.

Shame on the greedy Republican backers who have engineered this. Shame on Trump and the Republicans who have lied to the public about its consequences.


Net Neutrality – Walden Sells Out More Than Just His District — This Time It Was The Whole Country

All Materials published by Motherboard

Wednesday afternoon, 107 Republican members of Congress sent Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai a letter supporting his plan to repeal net neutrality protections ahead of the commission’s Thursday vote. That letter was signed by Greg Walden Chair of the Committee Energy and Commerce and 106 of his fellow Republicans. Amazing how some politicians can be so proud of screwing their constituency and the country. Here is the entire letter:

December 13, 2017

The Honorable Ajit Pai

Chairman: Federal Communications Commission

445 12th Street, S.W.

Washington, DC 20554

Dear Chairman Pai:

We write today in support of the Federal Communications Commission’s plan to restore Internet freedom by reversing the prior Commission’s decision to regulate broadband Internet service under Title II of the Communications Act, a statutory scheme created for the monopoly telephone carriers of a bygone era. This proposal is a major step forward in the effort to clear the way for the substantial investment necessary to advance our internet architecture for the next generation and close the digital divide. When its effects are fully realized, more Americans than ever will experience the benefits of telemedicine, distance learning, streaming video, and future innovations made possible by broadband.

Additionally, we note that under your leadership, the FCC and the American people have enjoyed an unprecedented level of transparency as you work toward this goal. Since March 2017, for the first time in the history of the Commission, you have made every document to be considered at a FCC open meeting available for public review three weeks ahead of the vote. As a result, unlike in previous high profile Commission proceedings, the public has been fully empowered with the actual language of the proposal under consideration. The Commission, therefore, has the benefit of the most informed and complete commentary ever compiled in a net neutrality proceeding.

The record is exhaustive, every viewpoint is well represented, and the time has come for the Commission to act. After broadband is restored to its rightful regulatory home, under the light-touch approach that guided federal oversight of the Internet and nurtured its expansive growth for decades, the stage will be set for Congress to determine how best to enact permanent

Protections for the bipartisan net neutrality principles on which we all agree.


Greg Walden

Chairman: Committee on Energy and Commerce Sub on Communications and Technology

PS Thank you for the $1,605,986 in campaign contributions. Greg

Opioid Health Crisis – How Did This Happen?

The opioid crisis in America is more than a national crisis. It is a national disgrace. Much of what I have to say here is taken from a story in the October 30, 2017 New Yorker magazine entitled “Empire of Pain” by Patrick Radden Keefe. I suggest you check it out on line, and see if it makes you as angry as it did me. But I want you to do more than just get mad. I want you to help me stop this insanity by supporting my bid for Congress to replace our pharmaceutical bought and paid for congressman.

Did you know there is a Medical Advertising Hall of Fame? In 1997 Arthur Sackler, was inducted into this “Hall of Shame”. The citation read: “for bringing the full power of advertising and promotion to pharmaceutical marketing”. And who may you ask is Dr. Sackler? What did he invent and market that warranted this acclamation? Dr. Sackler was one of three brothers who in 1952 bought a small patent medicine company named Purdue Frederick, known for laxatives and ear wax removal. Dr. Sackler had other businesses as well. He was a medical journal publisher. He had a medical newspaper prescribed to by 600,000 doctors. And he ran a medical advertising company. Purdue initially developed a time released morphine based drug which achieved considerable success. But as its patent was about to expire, Purdue started looking for a drug to replace it. They began looking at Oxycodone, a synthetic opioid developed in 1916. Oxycodone was inexpensive to produce and was already used in other drugs such as Percodan and Percocet. Purdue developed a pill of pure oxycodone with a time release formula. The drug was described in terms of firepower, as a nuclear weapon. Although early focus groups of doctors were highly concerned about the abuse potential of opioids, Dr. Sackler was able to use his publishing businesses to counter the arguments and promote the product.  Dr. Russel Portenoy, a pain specialist at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center spoke out about the wisdom of using opioids to treat chronic pain, describing opioids as a “gift of nature”. Not surprisingly Portenoy who received funding from Purdue, claimed the concerns about addiction and abuse amounted to “medical myth”. In 1997, the American Academy of Pain Society published a statement regarding the use of opioids to treat chronic pain. The statement was written by Dr. David Haddox, also a paid speaker for Purdue. The FDA approved OxyContin in 1995 for use in treating moderate to severe pain. Purdue had conducted no clinical studies on how addictive or prone to abuse the drug might be prior to approval. The FDA, in an unusual step, approved a package insert for OxyContin announcing that the drug was “safer” than its rival painkillers due to its time release mechanism. The FDA examiner who oversaw the process, Dr. Curtis Wright, left the agency shortly afterwards, and two years later went to work for Purdue.

With a thousand sales reps, Purdue went all out to sell OxyContin with the major thrust being the drug is not just for severe pain but, instead for all sorts of pain including backaches, arthritis, sports injuries, etc.. Purdue targeted general practitioners who were not pain specialists. David Kessler, former head of the FDA said from a public health standpoint, the drug should have been marketed to the least amount of patients with the most severe pain. But that approach was at odds with Purdue objectives, which were to do the exact opposite. Sales reps were told to tell doctors the drug is virtually non-addicting. As with most drugs subject to abuse, people could learn how to make them more potent. With OxyContin you did not have to figure out how to make it more potent, Purdue told you how to do it. The warning label that came with the drug told you that taking broken or crushed tablets, or chewing them would lead to rapid release and absorption which could kill you. Abusers ground them up, dissolved them in liquid and injected them, and snorted them. Patients began selling them on the street. Pill mill doctors and clinics over prescribed them. As the epidemic grew, Purdue insisted the only problem was people were not properly following the directions. DUH…

Purdue has been sued thousands of times since the release of OxyContin and defended by such people as Rudolph Giuliani who had tried on Purdue’s behalf to get the lead prosecutor to scuttle one case where three top executives were charged with and plead guilty in Virginia to criminal charges of misbranding with intent to defraud or mislead. The three received probation and were ordered to personally pay $35 million dollars in fines. Purdue agreed to pay an additional $600 million dollars. But remember, they have sold $35 Billion dollars of this drug. They are still way ahead.

Estimates for treating currently addicted people in the US is $50 Billion dollars. On top of that, funds will be needed for education and prevention. The federal government has been slow to react to this crisis. The 2018 Trump budget does little to nothing about the crisis. In reality, it will make it worse. In 2016 Congress passed the 21st Century Cures Act adding $1 Billion dollars over two years. A far cry from the $50 Billion dollars required. As Trump campaigned to “end the opioid epidemic in America” and “spend the money” on drug treatment, there was hope the government would do better. But as we have all come to understand, what Trump says and does, are two different things. The Trump budget proposed a 2% increase of $200 million to $10.6 Billion dollars already spent. However, the 21st Century Cures Act had previously authorized an additional $500 million for 2018. So Trump’s $200 million proposal actually decreases the authorization by $300 million. Let me know if you are surprised. Trump actually REDUCED the budget after campaigning he would increase it.

When you combine the Cures Act reduction with Trump’s proposed cuts to Medicaid, his continued attacks and defunding of the ACA with the ultimate goal of killing it, this national problem will eventually become a national disgrace. Medicaid paid for a quarter, or $7.9 Billion of the projected $31.3 Billion public and private spending for drug treatment in 2014. The 2018 budget is asking for nearly $400 million in cuts to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, hundreds of millions in cuts to mental health block grants, and billions in cuts altogether to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The hope is Trump’s budget proposals are dead on arrival and Congress will put forth its own spending measures. But the bottom line is, don’t expect Trump (with his lead supporter Greg Walden) to do ANYTHING about the opioid crisis in this country.

Ten states have thus far filed suit against Purdue and dozens of counties and cities are going to bring additional suits.  In the meantime, pharmaceutical companies are doing what they do best, making a killing out of the crisis. Naloxone is one of the primary drugs to treat opioid addiction. The price for treatment dosage from Amphastar Pharmaceuticals has risen from $690 in 2014 to $4,500 in 2017, a 500% increase.

Ironically, Dr. Sackler wrote a regular column for the Medical Tribune back around 1980 and one of his targets for misleading and false advertising was the tobacco industry. Tobacco eventually paid $246 Billion dollars to settle the government’s law suit. Let’s hope Purdue eventually earns its just punishment the same way. Forbes estimates the Sackler family receives $700 million dollars a year from the family business and as such, the Sacklers are not going quietly into the night. Between 2006 and 2015, Purdue and other painkiller producers spent nearly $900 million dollars on lobbyist and political contributions, eight times what the gun lobby spent. Did Greg Walden get any of this money? I do not know. What I do know, however, is that health care is Walden’s top contributor, so your guess is as good as mine.

To date Purdue has made $35 Billion dollars from OxyContin. Since 1999, 200,000 people have died from overdoses related to OxyContin and other prescription opioid drugs. The total opioid epidemic is killing an estimated 64,000 Americans a year. That is nearly the same amount who die from the combined deaths in car accidents and guns. Opioid overdose is the leading cause of death in the US for people under 50.  And how are the Sackler family members doing?  With a combined estimated net wealth of $13 Billion dollars, they are wealthier than the Rockefellors or the Mellons. They lead the lavish lifestyle you would expect from billionaires, donating to art museums and funding university buildings with their names firmly planted over the doors. Meanwhile 175 people die every day in the US to support their lifestyle.

Clean Energy Jobs For Oregon

Oregon is pushing to become the 11th state to pass cap and trade legislation to combat climate change. It is called the Clean Energy Jobs Bill and is one we should all get behind. Expected to generate $700 million annually which will be used to create renewable energy and thousands of corresponding jobs in our state. It will also help end our 35% remaining dependence on fossil fuel generated electricity and keep the clean Oregon environment we all know and love. I was privileged to speak at this event here in Bend on November 4 and firmly believe in this initiative. A large part of my platform is campaigning for solar farms across our district to plan for the next generations well being in our state. Lets all get behind the Clean Energy Jobs Bill.

Tim White
One Tough Democrat for the 2nd District

Republican Tax Proposal

I just received Greg Walden’s press release on the GOP tax proposal. Halleluja nirvana is right around the corner according to Greg. He used ALL the buzz words…. like complicated tax codes taking money from hardworking tax payers for government to waste. Loopholes for lobbyist and special breaks for special interest. The new tax bill will let you keep more of your hard earned dollars. You should not need accountants and an army of lawyers to make sense of the tax code. These are all Greg’s words.

I will keep my response on a professional level, but first let me run to the bathroom and throw up. Folks let us look at reality. The per capita net income in rural Oregon is $37,000 per year. On the surface that does not sound too bad until you consider that includes on average $11,000 of transfer payments from the government for programs like food stamps, childcare, etc. The “real” per capita income is therefore $26,000 per year. And Greg wants you to stop using accountants and an army of lawyers to file your tax returns. The ONLY people making out on this tax bill are the wealthy 10% of the population. And trust me folks, their income is considerably higher than our district. To be in the top 10% you must earn $295,000, the top 5% is $350,000 and the top 1% requires $1,300,000. Those are the people who require accountants and lawyers.

So what does this bill do for you. For most of us in the district, not a thing. According to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center, the wealthiest people in the country will receive 48% of the benefits. I completely understand why this should be the case as it is really a struggle to live on $1,300,000 a year. But look at the bright side this bill actually reduced the benefits to these folks from the original bill where 79% of the benefits would have gone to them. They did keep the highest tax rate the same at 39.5% but only for those earning over $1 million per year. They made it up to them however by repealing the estate tax so people like the Koch brothers with a net worth of $82 BILLION can pass it on to their children tax free. To help pay for people like the Koch brothers passing on their $82 BILLION to the kids, the rest of you will no longer be able to deduct your state and local taxes, and it will limit your property tax deduction as well. But hey, the Koch kids send their heart felt thank you for that one.

Then there is Kevin Brady, GOP chair of the Ways and Means Committee who issued a statement claiming the average middle income tax savings will be $2,600 per family. Really? Middle class for a family of four is defined as $48,000 per year with an average tax liability of about $4,000. And the taxes on these folks are going down by $2,600???? Sure….I buy that. The Joint Committee on Taxation has found that the middle class and even the top 5% will see an increase in their taxes by 2027.

And of course all this good news comes with a price tag of increasing the national debt by $1.5 TRILLION. Can you imagine what the GOP reaction would have been if Obama had proposed such a bill? They would not have been able to file impeachment papers fast enough. But don’t worry about this increase in debt. Here it comes…..ta da….it will generate such growth in the economy and jobs jobs jobs, jobs jobs jobs…oh one more time….jobs jobs jobs….that it will all pay for itself. Just read Greg’s press release…This bill will generate 975,000 new jobs, jobs, jobs. Since the end of the great recession we have averaged an increase of 200,000 new jobs nationwide every month. And was done without making wealthy people even wealthier. That figure has dropped to 170,000 per month since Trump moved into the oval office. So Greg says if we just give millionaires and billionaire this huge tax break we create 975,000 new jobs. My fear is that figure will be spread over 12 months putting us right back on track to where we were heading into the great recession of 2008. Great idea Greg.

The final truth of the matter is this tax cut will benefit corporations with a reduction of their tax rate from 35% to 20%. Corporate profits are currently at record levels. Their stock prices are at all time highs. Their cash on hand at $5.6 TRILLION is at an obscene record high. Yet, employee wages have been stagnant for ten years, while at the same time executive compensation and stock option wealth has gone through the roof. Wealthy people do not have all their wealth tied up in mansions and yachts. It is in stock ownership. Thus this tax bill will do nothing but increase their percentage of wealth, already at 76% for the top 10% of the people, to some even higher obscene level.

And to this bill, Greg Walden gives his undivided support and loyalty to his owners. Greg, I will defeat you in November. I will fight to bring back some degree of economic opportunity and fairness to the district you abandoned many years ago.

Tim White

One Tough Democrat for the 2nd District of Oregon

Oregon Employment and Economics Opportunity


In 1992 James Carville, a strategist for Bill Clinton coined the phrase, “it’s the economy, stupid”. It was meant to remind the campaign that people were still hurting from the 1990/91 recession. Well here we are in 2017 and the 2nd district of Oregon is still hurting, and in fact with the exception of a few areas like Bend and along the Columbia corridor, there has been little recovery from the great recession.

Bluntly speaking, most of rural Oregon has been left behind in the economic recovery. There are fewer jobs today than before the recovery, and those that have returned are mostly low wage service jobs. Nearly every county east of the north south line from Bend has 2 to 20 percent less jobs now than before the crash of 2007. Crook down 19%. Gilliam down 20%. Harney down 10%. Grant down 16%. The exceptions are Hood River, Sherman and Wasco due to their proximity to Portland and the I84 corridor. When you combine the loss of jobs with an aging population, retirement age population in central Oregon grew by 24% from 2010 to 2015, and the loss of working age youth, it is a perfect storm for continuing economic decline in the district.

The problem is so severe it requires a congressman who is 100% focused on the district. Yet our current congressman, Greg Walden, spends his time courting and supporting Wall Street banks, Telecoms, and the Health Industry. He returns home infrequently to announce at town halls that the House of Representative has passed over 300 bills. What he does not mention however is that those bills include things like repealing your health insurance, preventing control of sky rocketing cable and internet bills, permitting timber companies to spray pesticides into our drinking water and turning the banks loose to once again gamble away your deposits in the stock market. But hey, why quibble about details.

Rural Oregon was once dependent on timber and wood product manufacturing. Unfortunately over 50% of the industry has left, and it is never going to return. Contrary to Republican propaganda, this is not the fault of tree huggers or spotted frogs. It is cheaper and longer lasting non wood materials in construction. It is cheaper overseas labor. Okay that is the hand we have been dealt, so what do we do about it? What does the district have to offer? We have land in great supply and we have natural beauty. To extract the benefits from both we need to first open up the district with a bold infrastructure road building plan. My vision is an interstate from I5 near Ashland , across the Siskiyous to Klamath Falls, then north on the current Highway 97 roadbed, all the way to I84. Followed up with an east west connector from I84 in Ontario westward through the Bend / Redmond area, through the Cascades to I5. With this development we will pursue the relocation of companies with modern, good paying jobs, into the district. We will support these companies with large solar farms to supply the energy they need to operate, and eventually wean Oregon completely off fossil fuel based energy. Following the model of Alaskan oil revenue sharing, each county that opts in to the solar program will share in the revenue generated from the solar farms. Opening up the district with modern roads will enable a huge increase in eco-tourism to places such as the Malheur sanctuary, John Day fossil beds, and the painted hills. The result will be hotels, restaurants, shops and an economy that will allow families to stay together and share in the American dream.

Yes I know the naysayers will now stand up and argue about protecting range land, farmland, mountains, lakes, etc. etc. I have read all 19 of Oregon’s Goals and Guidelines to public land use. There is nothing that says we cannot do what I have proposed. And anyway, I am not proposing turning the 2nd district into urban Chicago. My vision is to protect and ensure the rights of the people of the 2nd district to meaningful employment and life. It is to support the Ranchers and Farmers whose ancestors opened up this land. Rural America has not gotten a fair shake and it is time for someone to stand up for them. From 1990 to 2015 manufacturing jobs in the district fell by 50% while Portland’s share alone grew from 49% to 58%. Oregon lumber production in 1950 was 9 BILLION board feet annually. The industry has shrunk by over 50%. While I absolutely support sustainable lumber and the mills, the industry and employment levels will never return to the levels of 1950. Since the great recession most of the jobs that have returned to pre-recession levels in rural Oregon have been lower paying food and service jobs. Government jobs in the district account for 24% of non-farm employment. Perhaps somebody should tell Walden that the U.S. budget he is so intent on reducing is responsible for keeping a quarter of his constituents employed. The district has the lowest per capita income of the five Oregon congressional districts. 11 of the 20 counties in CD2 have per person income BELOW $20,000 annually. And not surprising these same counties have the highest government aid transfer payments.

It is time for a change. It is time the 2nd district to begins its path into the 21st century ensuring families are able to stay together. Where you can afford a house. Where you can send your kids to a well-funded school with programs that will ensure their future. You can reclaim your share of the American dream.

Support Tim White for Oregon’s 2nd Congressional seat. Go to for more information and to support the campaign.