We are stewards of the planet. As such we need to protect the air, soil and water for both ourselves and for future generations. I will fight like the progressive I am to ensure protection of our environment for us and for our children. When you review Greg Walden’s ratings from environmental organizations such as the League of Conservation Voters (11%), Sierra Club (0%), Defenders of Wildlife (0%), Western Organization of Resources Council (0%), Environment America (0%)…you get the picture…it is hard to understand how Greg Walden claims to be an environmentalist. Greg Walden sides with Trump to gut the EPA while the Timber industry in Oregon continues to spray 2,4-D and Atrazine from helicopters on clear cut sites to retard vegetation growth. If you don’t know what these chemicals are about…Google Agent Orange.

Walden voted for a bill that prohibits the Department of the Interior from regulating the lead content in ammunition or fishing tackle. Walden voted for a bill that prohibits state administrators from requiring permits for the discharge of pesticides into navigable waters if that pesticide was approved by the federal government…like 2,4-D and Atrazine.

And why does Walden vote the way he does? He received $98,293 in contributions from the Forest Industry in his last election.

Of late Walden has been making the rounds touting his support for an amendment of the Safe Water Drinking Act (SWDA). From Walden’s pronouncements you would think he created safe water for all of us by his own efforts. In reality the SWDA was created by Congress in 1974 and periodically requires amendments to continue funding, the latest bill being sponsored by Gregg Harper of Mississippi. Ironically the guts of the bill are water standards as established by the EPA – the same EPA Walden and
Donald Trump are trying to decimate. So the next time you hear Walden touting his efforts to supply you with safe water ask him about 2,4-D, Atrazine, and the department he is trying to dismantle.